Best Bangkok Nightclubs

Best Bangkok Nightclubs

One of the most popular reasons for people looking to visit Bangkok is easily for the nightclubs! It is known that people come here for the Best Bangkok Nightclubs because everyone is welcome and everyone always has a fantastic time! Whether you are only 18 or 19 years old and are looking for the party of a life time or if you are 40,50 or 60 and need somewhere that will let you in and treat you how you feel – we have no doubt that you will find the Best Bangkok Nightclubs are listed right here in this handy guide on Bangkok! The team at Bangkok Deals made the decision to move to Bangkok after we realized the Best Bangkok Nightclubs made the ones we would visit at home look pretty tame at average. Some big bonus’s to the Bangkok Nightclubs would be that you have people coming around and taking orders for your drinks, there is always a good ratio of guys and girls and the drinks are very cheap and you can usually get fantastic food served in the club in between your dancing and drinking sessions. Below you will find details on the Best Bangkok Nightclubs and why the Bangkok Deals team believes you need to hit them up when you go!

Best Bangkok Nightclubs

Q Bar – Q Bar has attempted to replicate an old school New York Nightclub with classy furniture, dark features, a long drink and food list and staff in trendy uniforms. While the Bangkok Deals team believes they have pulled this off very well for Thailand the truth can be ignored that it does lack what you would find in New York or even Spain. Q Bar is still one of the Best Bangkok Nightclubs because it draws large crowds that are always having fun and the truth is we have never seen a fight inside Q Bar. Q Bar is known for serving some fantastic food that will keep you going all night in-between those beers and shots and the music is top 40, RnB and Hip Hop so you will always have something pleasing to listen to.

Bed Superclub – Weather you have been to Bangkok yet or if you have never stepped off the plane, you have probably heard about Bed Superclub and that it is one of the Best Bangkok Nightclubs you will ever go to! Bed Superclub opened its doors in 2002 and from that day was considered one of the coolest venue’s people could hang out in when they are in Bangkok. Bed Superclub is a place you will find the most beautiful Thai Girls and some of the most well of Expats and Thai’s – it is a place to go to if you are looking to meet beautiful, sheik, sexy girls for a good dance and a fun night! The food in Bed Superclub is some of the best you can eat and considering the club has 2 levels we are sure you will find plenty of room to move about and enjoy yourself.

Breaks – Breaks is in the Silom area and is a person choice for the most the Bangkok Deals team. While you do get freelancers in the club you will often meet plenty of working class Thai Girls who are out for a fun time, a few drinks and the hope they might meet a decent guy (Thai or Western). Drinks are well priced and it’s very easy to access via Taxi or the Train. If you are in Bangkok for a long period we do suggest you check this place out as the staff and security tend to remember faces and are always out to please!

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  1. MIchael
    September 1st, 2011 | 8:25 pm

    All are excellent clubs with beautiful girls.. Bangkok is a great place for clubbing.

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